Choir Atlanta 2012

Support Our Students!


The Glenbard East Music Association (GEMA) exists to support students participating in Glenbard East’s Music Programs. Fundraising is necessary to raise the money for uniforms, music scholarships, activities and more.

Mattress Sale

This year's mattress sale is Saturday, September 23. Join us. Spread the word! Find out more here! 

Dine Out for GEMA!

Join us for dinner! A portion of the proceeds goes to GEMA and your awesome music students. The first dine out event of the year is coming soon.

Join GEMA!

Your GEMA membership helps support all of our initiatives. If every music family joined, we would be most of the way to our fundraising goals for the year. Please, fill out the membership form and return it to your child's music teacher. We are a better organization with you as a member!