Choir Atlanta 2012


Glenbard East offers two semester-long guitar classes: Beginning Guitar and Advanced Guitar. Each course is designed according to the following principles:

  • Students will successfully play chords to well-known rock, pop, and folk songs.
  • Students will successfully play single-line melodies.
  • Students will read both staff notation and tablature.
  • Students will strum chords using a variety of rhythmic patterns.
  • Students will learn to perform as part of a group.
  • Students will become familiar with rock, folk, jazz, and classical guitar styles.
  • Students will leave class with the desire to continue playing!

Beginning Guitar presents an excellent learning environment for the absolute beginner as well as the self-taught guitarist. The first-time guitar player will get a strong technical foundation and an enjoyable musical experience. Those who have played guitar previously will be exposed to further challenges and exciting new concepts.

Advanced Guitar is typically for students who have successfully completed Beginning Guitar. The class explores more challenging chords and chord progressions; advanced techniques with the right hand, including finger picking; riffs and solos from well-known rock songs; and solo and ensemble literature.


All guitar students need an acoustic guitar, with a full set of strings, in a case. Students must provide their own guitar unless they qualify for fee waivers. We provide a secure space in the Music Department for students to store their guitars.

Advanced Guitar students also need a capo and an electronic tuner.