Choir Atlanta 2012

Vocal Jazz Workshop

Thank you so much to all of you who auditioned, please feel free to stop by for feedback anytime!


Our first rehearsal will be this Monday, 2/30 from 5-8.


Kameron Alcantara

Anna Cesario

Robert Guthrie

Sydney Jenkins

Graeme Leighton

Haley Mott

Morgan Mott

Deven Nguyen

Matt Petersen

Mariah Vance


Vocal Jazz Workshop Auditions

Please submit your audition by Wednesday, January 18th at 7am.  Please send recordings to or share them via Google Drive.

Please complete the following 3 items:

1. Scat over one pass (12-bars) of the 12-Bar blues track attached here. (You may allow one set of 12 bars to pass before you begin singing.)

2. Select one of the following jazz standards, learn aroud 1 minute of the piece and record yourself singing it a cappella.

I'm Beginning to See the Light

Listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing it here

Listen to Bobby Darin sing it here


Honeysuckle Rose 

Listen to Sarah Vaughan sing it here

Listen to Tony Bennett sing it here

3. Fill out and submit the Google Form attached here.


Jam Session Suggestions

Please click here to submit your suggestions for our jam session!


WAVE 2017

Thank you to all who auditioned, we are very proud of all of you for preparing strong auditions!

Congratulations to WAVE for the Spring 2017 season.  Please feel free to stop by for feedback when school resumes.  Our first rehearsal will be Wednesday 1/4 2:45-3:45 pm.

-Ms. McLean and Mr. Catt

WAVE ‘17

Kameron Alcantara

Anna Cesario

Mackenna Clayton

Holli Dembowski

Olivia Echevarria

Molly Fidlow

Lina Gebhardt

Sam Hoey

Sierra Innis

Shelby Jenkins

Sarah Johnson

Vanessa Lagarija

Breanna Latelle

Janae McElroy

Gwen Merrick

Aneesah Phillips

Emily Pugacewicz

Kayla Sisouphonh

Carolyn Stanfield

Melissa Tumlos

Chloe Whitlaw

 Rhiannon Zielinski


GE Choral Invitational Middle School Assistant Application

Are you interested in assisting our middle school students at the Choral Invitational this year?  Please fill out the application by Thursday, Novemeber 3rd at 11:59 pm.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the board members!  Thanks for your interest and your help!